Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why I won't Purchase Another MGA (Bratz) Product

It is a fact that I have never been a Bratz fan. I was not one of those who thought the dolls were trampy or anything, they just did not really appeal to me. I did however purchase quite a few after they lost their first court battle with Mattel. I had read that the dolls were ordered off store shelves and thought I should get a couple in the unlikely even that they increased in value. Needless to say, that didn't happen.
At any rate, as the court battles went on, MGA launched a couple of "new" doll lines. Moxie Girlz and Moxie Teenz. The former bore an uncanny resemblance to 4Ever Best Friends dolls(2004-2005) which bore a striking resemblance to Mattel's Wee Three Friends line of dolls which were launched several months earlier, and the latter resembled Liv dolls.
Today, I see an ad for Bald Bratz. MGA supposedly launched these dolls to support children undergoing cancer treatments. According to their website, $1 from the sale of each doll(which retails for $19.99) will be donated to The Starlight Children's foundation. So why do I have a problem with this? This comes along only after Mattel announced they would be producing bald Barbie dolls! Mattel chose not to sell their dolls, but donated them to children's hospitals around the country. In essence, I think MGA stinks! I gave them the benefit of the doubt with that whole Carter Bryant/ who is the legal owner of Brats, yadda, yadda, yadda, thing, but not any more! After looking at their entire body of work, it appears that MGA has created a business from other people's ideas/businesses. Why not continue to mimic Mattel and donate the dolls to the children they are supposed to help? No only do I believe MGA to be copy-catting thugs, but also exploiters of sick children. They're like the folks who sell pirated DVDs in front of the grocery stores. I don't buy those bootleg movies, and I will no longer spend money on any MGA products.


D7ana said...

Wow, that isn't "nice" of MGA to sell their bald dolls instead of donating them. Kudos to Mattel for donating their dolls.

Becca Bankston said...

Actually, when MGA first started Bratz, it was Mattel who shamelessly copied them by coming out with the larger headed My Generation dolls and every Bratz line that Bratz came out with, a few weeks later, you would see the same exact idea represented in the My Generation dolls. So MGS sued Mattel and then Mattel countersued and won because they have more money and the judges did not follow what was happening in the doll world. I did and Mattel was blatantly copying Bratz. Mattel did not put out a larger headed fashion doll line that had current fashionable clothes until Bratz came out on the market and then it took them about a year to do so.
You are right, MGA should donate those Bratz dolls to hospitals, but as far as copying it was Mattel who did the blatant shameless copying of Bratz initially.

I wish neither company had had a problem with it because I liked collecting both the Bratz and the Mattel My Generation dolls, although the clothing and purses for the Bratz were of better quality (aka actual fabric for purses and belts, and all clothes, whereas My Generation dolls had molded plastic purses and plastic belts.)

Anyway both doll lines were cute and I'm glad that Bratz was created because it pushed Mattel and other companies to get with it and step up their game. Bef Bratz, the Barbie line had gotten old and tired and Barbie had become a doll for toddlers with only ridiculous hot pink tutu type clothes that no one in reality would wear, and because of Bratz, Mattel has now created MH and EAH and they are great lines.