Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bratz Infestation

I didn't like them ten years ago when they first debuted, and I can't say I like them any better now, so why do I have so many? Though Bratz are a tiny fraction of my fashion doll collection, there are still to many considering my dislike of them. I bought one maybe eight years ago out of curiosity. I kind of liked their brassiness, but the out of proportion bodies and amputee feet were just too odd for me to take seriously. They did however, have some really cool accessories and playsets which I loved! I am still kicking myself for not buying the sushi bar when it was still available at a reasonable price. I did get the coffee bar and phone booth for my "real" fashion dolls, but the phone booth is a bit too short for the 11 - 12 inch gang to fit, so they just pose around it.

I still have no answer as to why no fewer than a dozen of these girls have taken up residence here. My best guess is because they were cheap! All of the dolls pictured were purchased for less than $10 and all were purchased in the last 6 months. I bought them for either their accessories, or because I want to steal their clothes for my Monster High dolls.

So how do you feel about Bratz? Do you like them? If you are like me and don't; do you have any? How many and why?


Dollz4Moi said...

Well I can honestly say I'm not their biggest fan but I have some. I always find myself attracted to certain ones. I also buy some to clothes the ones I do like and send the others packing sans clothes :O) I have a few that are in the to go pile right now

D7ana said...

I have no Bratz dolls, but I LIKE their furniture so I have some of that, lol.

They have no noses, those Bratz. No noses have they. Scary, scary. Like insect-people.

Miss Missy said...

I've never cared for the Bratz dolls. They have strange head molds with fat lips, no noses, big feet that come off, tiny outfits (at first), and usually the makeup is overdone.