Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dolls and Alzheimer's cont'd......

I don't remember exactly when I acquired these dolls. The months of February and March are pretty much a blur. Caring for my mother with dementia, going back and forth to the hospital to see my dad and consult with doctors, and shuttling relatives to and from the airport occupied most of my time. Somehow, these dolls managed to present themselves in the midst of the chaos!
Blythe has always been on my "must have" list. I wanted one as a child, but her production was ceased before I got my hot little hands on one. For the uninitiated, Blythe's eyes will change color and position with the pull of the string in the back of her head. As a kid, I thought that was the coolest thing - still do! I was delighted when I learded that Ashton Drake was going to make reproductions a few years ago, but I was not prepared for the price. Lukily, I found her on Amazon a few months ago at a price I could afford. Her arrival was a tiny glimmer of light during my darkest days watching my father deteriorate before my eyes.
The doll on the right (with glasses) is Calista, and she is a new girl in town. I'm guessing that MGA was preparing for the demise of Bratz dolls and released the new BFF line of dolls almost concurrently with Mattel's lawsuit victory. I believe there are 4 characters, but Calista seemed to have the most personality to me. I like her, but I wish she had more articulation. Besides the normal shoulder and hip joints, her ankles are jointed - weird? How about knee and elbow joints folks! Those wiggly ankles will only excite those with a foot fetish. Anyway, she is cute, I like her, and she is here. She and Blythe have been laying around in the buff for a couple of months at least. I wanted both to have new wardrobes, and I so desparately wanted to get my mind off my family issues, so I tried many times to design something for them. I got as far as drafting basic slopers for them, but never actually made anything. I grabbed what was handy to make them presentable for this photo shoot.

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RoxanneRoxanne said...

I really like Calista and I wish that she had more articulation. I'm happy about her joined ankle - it allows her to wear a variety of shoes from flats to high heels.