Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monster High Madness

A few weeks ago, I starte reading about, and seeing pictures of Mattel's soon to be released, Monster High dolls. I was immediatly smitten and pre-ordered 2 of the dolls from Angelic Dreams' website. On the website, it was noted that the dolls expected ship date was TBA (to be announced). That was a minor consideration for 2 reasons: First, because I had ordered dolls previously from AD and had no problems, I thought it safe to assume they would ship the dolls soon after release. Secondly, All of the information I had read online said the dolls were scheduled for May/June release, so again I made an assumption that AD would ship my dolls sometime in June.

Any ole way, a few weeks passed and other people started posting online that they had received their Monster High dolls, or had purchased them in their local stores! Of course I am wondering where mine are! I check the AD website and now instead of a TBA ship date, they have Sept/Oct listed as the estimated ship date!

When I could take it no longer, I go to my local TRU (Toys R Us) and sure enough, the dolls are there on the shelf! Not only are they in stock, but they shelf sticker lists the price at $19.99 whereas AD charged $24.99 plus shipping. So now I'm thinking that I have paid $10 more (I ordered 2) to be the last to get my dolls! I considered cancelling the order, but Angelic Dreams has some incredibly absurd terms, First of which, they will charge you 30% of your order as a "restocking" fee! Not only do I believe that to be unreasonable, but how can they justify a restocking fee when the items are not in stock to begin with? Secondly, they will not issue a refund, but will only give store credit. This is unacceptable to me because I do not envision ever doing business with this company again and will not recommend that anyone else of my acquaintance do so. Of course I fired off a strongly worded email to Angelic Dreams - to which I have received no reply, but all I really want are those adorable dolls! So I proceed to whine and vent to any and everybody who would listen. Finally my dear daughter got tired of my tantrums and purchased one from TRU as a Father's Day gift (hey, I raised her by myself for most of her life, so I guess she thinks me entitled). I was indeed a happy camper with the adorable Clawdeen Wolf!

Today I had to go to Walmart to fill a prescription and while I was waiting, took a stroll through the toy section. Lo and behold, even Wally World had the dolls in stock - at $17.99! Though I tried to resist, Dracu Laura flew into my cart! So now I am the proud owner of Clawdeen Wolf and Dracu Laura. When the AD order arrives, they will have plenty of company......

Here they are conspiring to get the "off the Hook" chick off the chaise so that they can watch horror movies on tv.


Mister D said...

I guess I'm lucky I only learned of these yesterday (3 July 2010), and was able to order them at a "major" online retailer; otherwise, I would have done the same thing you did, so don't feel badly. The Monster High figs look AWESOME, and I have been semi-obsessing over them... well, since yesterday, reading everything I can find about them. I certainly haven't seen them in any stores in my area -- I'd LOVE to find 'em at WalMart. I've read that they're selling out already in some markets -- is this true in your area?

squarepeg78 said...

Yes, I was in Wally World today, and none of the Monster High dolls were in stock. I haven't seen them at Target at all. I am all but certain that these dolls are/will be quite a hit!