Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monster High Dawn of the Dance

Finally received my pre-ordered Dawn of the Dance dolls from Angelic Dreams. I am so in love with these dolls - more so than I was with the first two - Clawdeen Wolf and Draculara! From online pics, I was preparing for Clawdeen's lime green hair to be some sort of molded helmet, but I am pleasantly surprised to find that even though it has been gelled to an insane harness, it is real hair! (In time, I will be washing the goop out).

The next thing that impressed me was the ease in which they came out of the box! I spent hours last evening de-boxing some Moxies and Moxie Teenz, and it was brutal! When I decided to de-box these, I sat down with the usual tools - sharp scissors, single-edge razor, and a small paring knife. I was shocked that I only needed the scissors briefly to cut the plastic thing holding her head to the back of the box, but none of the other tools! The dolls were not plastic-tabbed to death, sewn in, with all of that stuff taped down, but all I had to do was flip a few tabs, and the dolls were free!

I love the make-up on both dolls, and the shoes - especially Cleo's are fierce! I may purchase the other 3 characters at a later date, but it certainly won't be through Angelic Dreamz!

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