Monday, September 17, 2012

How do you Collect? Part 1

As I continue to go through my doll collection and separate the keepers from the must-find-another-homers, I can't help but notice what makes keepers, keepers. They are all dolls that I love! Whether purchased 25 years ago, or just last week, whether the price was exorbitant, or found at a yard sale for a quarter - I love them. Conversely, the dolls looking for new homes, were either gifts, prizes, emotional purchases, or frenzied purchases. The "frenzied" purchases are of greatest concern. This is when a company creates a frenzy for their product. MGA did this with their Moxie Teenz dolls by delaying the release, and limiting the number of Bijou dolls. People were furiously hunting for her, and when some found her, they bought up as many as they could to sell on the secondary market. All this Bijou buying lasted until someone finally de-boxed one, discovered her poor articulation, and posted their findings on the internet.
By the time I actually de-boxed one, I had already purchased 2 Bijous, an Arizona, and a Tristen. All but one of them will be looking for a new home! Another frenzy that I fell for - and only beginning to recover from, is that of Monster High. Mattel started to cast their spell in 2009 with articles and blogs all over the internet about this new franchise of dolls, books, videos etc which were on the horizon for the coming year. I saw pictures of the dolls and fell in love almost immediately! I confess to being a bit on the odd side, and these dolls made being odd - cool! My first mistake was to pre-order 2 of the dolls from an online store whose name shall remain nameless but their initials are AD. I paid my money and waited. Soon, I start to see posts in online forums about people having found the dolls in their local stores - and the prices were much lower than I had paid at AD! My patience flew out of the window, I made a mad dash to my local Target, Walmart, and TRU stores. Found them at Target for $5 less than AD, and I did not have to pay shipping. Because I knew I could not get a full refund from AD if I cancelled my order, I just purchased one doll - Clawdeen Wolf at Target. A few days later, I found a Draculara at Walmart for a few dollars cheaper than the Target price. My AD dolls arrived several weeks later, but I still wasn't through! People kept posting pictures of new characters that I just had to have. Then there were new "waves"! These were just the same characters in new clothes! On and on it went until at last count, 19 Monster High dolls were living here! This does not include the 5 Create a Monster sets, a few clothing packs, Lagoona's Hydration Station, Clawdeen's bunk beds, or the Coffee Bean play sets. In my own defense, I was going through trying times with my family, and confess that these were stress induced purchases. About half of the Monster High madness is, or soon will be looking for new homes. I have now committed myself to no more frenzy buying. Methinks a bottle of wine shared with friends is a better way of combating stress, cheaper, and takes up less space than new dolls.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I have fallen for some of the gimmicks manufacturers have used to create a greater demand for their dolls, too. The only thing that has saved me is that I can exercise a certain measure of patience and wait for dolls to arrive locally before succumbing to online ordering.

Another thing that continues to save me is my focus is strictly on black dolls alone.

Even though there is a dark-skinned doll in the Monster High line, well two if you count Clawd, the only ones I have purchased have been to resale on eBay - a Clawd and the girl that was with him set (see how enthused I am about the line; I don't even know the characters' names). I am so not into monsters, ghouls, and anything else on the dark side -- too creepy for my taste.

We all have our weaknesses and times when we are more vulnerable to give in to the lures of manufacturers' new offerings and seeing other collectors getting theirs before we do (if its something we desire), but that's all part of the hunt and chase. Controlling it is another topic for discussion.


Dollz4Moi said...

I can honestly admit to 70% of my early collecting was stress shopping. I've have toned it way down. I do admit to the occasional spree of goodies. I have my gotta go pile and my keep pile. Once I put you in keep there you stay, no backsies..LOL.

I am a sucker for the non-blonde dolls. I love a great black doll too. I find that in my sifting there's a lot slated for out the door. I'm trying to get my collection manageable and accessible.

You need willpower for collecting. My willpower has grown over the years.

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking post.

Usually, there are 1 or 2 dolls that I scramble to get frenzy style. So I don't miss out. But lately, I haven't had the funds to allow myself a lot of frenzy buying. Still, I did buy some Liv dolls I saw for sale that I could have waited for.

Now it's time to sell and although I am finding the deciding easier than I had thought it would be, it takes a lot of discipline to go through and put stuff up for sale.

Good luck with your selling. And I look forward to Part 2 of this post.