Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Restyled Barbie Basics

click photo for larger view

On Monday evening, I went to Target in search of that elusive Moxie Teenz afro wig, but it was nowhere to be found. I didn't leave empty handed as they did have the Target exclusive Barbie Basic in red! I had seen online pics and knew that she must be added to my collection. First, because she has the Model Muse body - this is my second favorite Barbie body - second only the articulated ones. I also love her hair color and texture - a combination I had not before seen on a Barbie doll.

I decided not to delay her liberation from her box, and while I was at it, might as well free Barbie Basic #4 (now named Nnenna after one of my favorite America' Next Top Model contestants) Once free, I looked at them and immediately determined that something was very wrong! That black dress was not at all flattering against Nnenna's espresso hued skin and though "Red" - now named Camille), looked okay in red, I thought she would look much better in basic black. The ladies switched dresses, did a bit of accessorizing, and here is the result!

This may be the last time either of them appear publicly in those dresses as they will soon be modeling couture fashions created just for them......

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