Monday, July 19, 2010

Ellowyne finally arrived!

Even before she was officially named Ellowyne - when she was yet a prototype of Robert Tonner tentatively called Gwendolyn, I have longed for this doll. Upon her release, when all of the fashion doll message boards and forums were abuzz with the news, I was as excited as anyone, yet I waited. I have learned the value and virtue of waiting. In the case of dolls, waiting will sometimes net you better stuff at lower prices! Remember how expensive the first Fashion Royalty dolls were? Not only were they expensive, but they were stiff - no articulated bodies (except bending knees) back then. Also, (and this is just my humble opinion), Adele Makeda - the only AA doll in the bunch, was rather homely back then! Over time, she got prettier, more fierce, all of the bodies became articulated, and the prices came down!

So.....I learned that by waiting, I can get better dolls at lower prices, but I'm sure you already knew that, right? Back to Ms. Wilde: I loved her from the time I saw her grace the cover of Haute Doll magazine back in 2006. She was pretty, had an "emo" backstory, wide eyes, a big head, and just seemed a bit off - kind of like me, I guess. She was lovely, but I thought I would wait for one of 2 things: an incredible sale (a frugalista like myself rarely pays retail for anything), or for an ethnic friend to materialize. It didn't much matter to me whether the friend was Latina, Asian, or African American, but I want my Ellowyne (or friend) to be of color. Needless to say, that didn't happen. Her only friend is Prudence, and I find her a bit prudish (could that be what inspired her name?) and constipated looking. So I waited for a sale, but with the exception of a few gently used, nude dolls posted for sale on different message boards, her price was rarely significantly reduced.

Last week, I was killing time and browsing different doll-related websites, when I thought I would check out Wilde Imagination just to see what - if anything was new. Too my delight and surprise, they were having an incredible sale on their basic dolls. I immediatly added the red head to my shopping cart. (shipping was free too!)

She arrived today, and I just adore her. Her hair looked redder in the pictures, but other than that, I have no complaints. I was also pleased to discover that she and Goodreau's Mirror are close enough in size to share clothing! The downside is that because of her big ole Miss Peach head (you might want to google that if not familiar with the comic strip), Ellowyne looks a bit odd with Mirror, but viva la difference! Luckily for Ellowyne, I had been working on new outfits for Mirror, so she didn't have to hang around in her undies for long. (she doesn't need anything else to be blue about!)

The two of them; Ebony and Ivory, Salt and Peppa, Day and Night, Big Melon Head and Normal Head - whatever you choose to call them, are modeling their new outfits which are available at:

Whatcha think?

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Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I'd like to see the denim skirt ensemble up close and personal. Can you please email the image to me? Thanks!