Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Generation of Dreams Barbie Mystery

Sometime in October of last year, I purchased this doll at Costco.

It was to be a Christmas gift for my daughter who is also a Barbie collector. The price was significantly less that the suggested retail, so I thought I was getting a pretty good deal.

Last Friday, I was shopping my local Big Lots and found this:

Holy smokes! Not only was she priced at less than half of the one purchased at Costco, but this one included bonus jewelry - a really nice cloisonne pendant with the same motif as the dress. Nowhere on the box does it say that this was any particular store's exclusive, and I can find no information online about the doll with the bonus. One of these dolls is destined to be deboxed and become one of my models (love the ebony skin tone and the model muse pose), but I am unsure which to debox. It would make sense to leave the least common NRFB, but I would love to wear that pendant! Can anyone out there solve this mystery?


Ruth said...

This is indeed a mystery. My Generations Barbie does not have a bonus. A Big Lots exclusive????

squarepeg78 said...

LOL! Ruth, I kind of doubt that Big Lots has any exclusive Barbies. However, I could be wrong.....